Choosing G O Energy Gas & Oil SA has unique advantages

The best rates and support are the key to excellence.

  • G O Energy has the necessary expertise and resources to guarantee a high added value in the achievement of your objectives.
  • G O Energy prides in the creation of personalized, flexible offers tailored on your specific energy requirements.
  • G O Energy helps you achieve a higher level of competitiveness in your market field.

Energy at best price

Good enough is never good enough when the objectives are excellence, rarity, and reliability.

Our clients know that we only offer the best in terms of rates and support, and won’t settle for less than excellence. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, we have succeeded in building a solid network of collaborations based on trust and success stories.

We select our collaborators with the utmost care, based on whether they have what it takes to become a Top Performer.

G O Energy Gas & Oil SA

A reliable partner by your side

G O Energy Gas & Oil SA was founded in 2014 as an international energy consultancy start-up. Our main purpose is to offer support to major companies and resellers to keep pace with the ever-changing European energy market.

The integration of the national electricity infrastructures into a cross-border energy market has opened up plenty of opportunities for operators in the energy sector. The need to meet the requirements to participate in the international energy markets, combined with new guidelines for the reduction of greenhouse gas, have triggered important changes in Switzerland’s energy production as well as in its choice of power sources.

In this new scene, G O  Energy Gas & Oil immediately became synonymous with great opportunities and personalized, flexible solutions. Always at pace with global change, we met our financial stability objectives in 2017. Since 2018, G O  Energy Gas & Oil is also a trader in the European and Italian Energy Exchanges (EEX and IPEX), establishing and maintaining liaisons with the TSOs of Switzerland and Italy.